Monday, October 29, 2007

All Hallow's Eve 2007

Holy God, we come to you today with a heart full of memory.
It weighs us down like water; it tastes like tears.
We see names and faces passing,
Some before our very eyes. Some before their time. Some before time itself.
Are they dead, Lord,
Or just sleeping?
Will we wake with them in the morning?
Will their eyes twinkle in the light of resurrection?
We pray.
We pray for tomorrow.

But tonight we are wet.
We cannot be dry
Because we have been caught up in this great cloud of witnesses.
They have their hands all over us.
Shaping us. Molding us. Transforming us into an image.
Of what?
Of a reality that is and is not,

Holy God, help us to remember.
Not just our past,
But also our future.
As saints.